Nostalgic DS Games: Even BETA Than Before?

*View part one of my digital artefact here*

As I continue to work on my digital artefact analyzing how nostalgia can affect a player’s gaming experience, I have mapped out my game plan for the remaining four weeks of session to ensure I tick off everything on my to-do list in a timely manner.

My To Do list, created using


The Gantt Chart above displays which tasks I will be focusing on over the remaining four weeks. I have separated my workload across the month in order to achieve each task in a timely manner without exhausting myself in the process.

These tasks have also been sorted into a weekly checklist. Breaking down my workload into weekly chunks makes each task more consumable therefore allowing me to achieve what I need to whilst minimising stress.

Further Research

The following sources will be used to assist in my final presentation.

Lin, C., Faas, T. and Brady, E., 2017, October. Exploring affection-oriented virtual pet game design strategies in VR attachment, motivations and expectations of users of pet games. In 2017 Seventh International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) (pp. 362-369). IEEE.

  • Examines how players perceive virtual pets, what motivates them to play pet games and what characteristics impact their attachment (Lin, C. 2017).
  • Argues that pet simulation games can appeal to older audiences.
  • Investigates how virtual reality can impact a player’s engagement and emotional connection.

Sloan, R.J., 2016, December. Nostalgia videogames as playable game criticism. In GAME (Vol. 5, pp. 34-45).

  • Discusses the shift toward the development of new games that demonstrate nostalgia for past gaming (Sloan, R.J. 2016).
  • Connects nostalgia in videogames with the resurfacing of retro games for contemporary hardware.
  • considering how critical imitation has been applied within the videogame medium.

Sloan, R.J., 2015. Videogames as remediated memories: Commodified nostalgia and hyperreality in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Gone Home. Games and Culture10(6), pp.525-550.

  • Discusses the ways in which the videogames commodify nostalgia in order to fulfil a consumer need for retrospection (Sloan, R.J. 2015).
  • Explores differences between reimaginations and revisitations of nostalgic videogames.
  • Views videogames as a vehicle into the player’s past.


  1. Hey Georgie,
    Your beta is really well presented, you’ve used the video and written component really well to cover as much as possible without repeating yourself throughout the post which is great. It’s clear, concise and easy to follow. Your analytical framework is clearly explained but I would’ve liked to see how exactly your utilising this throughout your DA. You’ve provided some links to sources for your research, maybe looking into some popular news sources as well as academic could broaden your scope of analysis. I found this article posted on The Conversation that may be useful

    The utility of this DA is really interesting, I think presenting your final project as a video with an accompanying blog is a great idea that will give you maximum opportunity to thoroughly address your analysis and reach your intended audience. I’d love to see your final work promoted through your twitter and reddit as well! Overall, your beta is cohesive and I really enjoyed learning about your progress and what you plan on doing next. I can’t wait to see your final presentation!


  2. Hi Georgie! Very interesting DA and very relatable as well to all of us as a generation. Your BETA video was very well laid out and not repetitive to your blog post which was in the criteria, you have a clear approach which is very easy to read and understand as a member of the audience. Your analytical frameworks you presented was well structured and showed a clear analysis of nostalgia within DS games as you stated what you did and what you will continue to do throughout this subject. Very good how you inserted some of your researched links that helped you throughout your DA and shaped your analysis of your frameworks. I have also found you an article at will help you broaden your knowledge about nostalgia.,nostalgia%20than%20any%20other%20medium.&text=Nostalgia%20seems%20to%20act%20as,sadness%20and%20feelings%20of%20loss
    However, I recommend a little bit more research on nostalgia itself and try to get more of an understanding of how it works with different games so it will help you narrow down the meanings kids take out of these texts in DS. Overall, well thought-out DA and I can’t wait to see your final project!


  3. Hey Georgie, your DA Beta is extremely well presented. your analytical framework is clear as well as your plan for the following weeks. I would recommend having short archeological looks into the games you are playing with in your YouTube or blog post, as it will defiantly assist you in understanding the content of your games. I have a source that could be helpful to you that looks into why pet simulation games are so popular, as your games are looking into the audience of the games not just the nostalgia they hold;

    Further, you mentioned a bump in your process being that it was difficult for you to get footage of you playing these games. Although I don’t have a recommendation for a screen recording software, I do suggest finding the games online to play through game emulators;


  4. Hi Georgie!

    You have presented a deep reflection on your work so far which is super genuine and honest which I admire. I really like your choice to focus on a specific category of nostalgic games, as well as choosing 3 main games, as it will allow your final analysis to be critical and specific. Your research links are used well in painting the narrative of what’s to come in your final video, and having dot points under the link allows me to see how you are using your research to navigate your experience with nostalgia. In saying this, I would have liked to see your research being allocated for your analytical concepts, just to guide me as a viewer on how you are integrating your framework within this subject matter. I do recommend presenting your findings on nostalgia so it can capture an audience that doesn’t know much about Ds games about Pets but is interested in the phenomenon of nostalgia in games.

    I found this article that emphasises the connection between games and nostalgia.
    Your work is very professional whilst being genuine at the same time, and everything is easy to understand even to someone that does not know much about your project – amazing Job!

    Good Luck with your final DA!


  5. As always Georgie, you’ve presented your work in a very aesthetic and logical way that was extremely immersive and made your content easy to grasp. Narrowing down the games you’re looking at to the more niche ‘just pet simulation games’ was a great way to hone in on an audience who you can then more effectively market your content towards. It’s also a great way to manage your workload and make the digital artefact a bit less imposing during a time when work is beginning to pile up.

    The 5-minute video and accompanying blog post that you’ll be creating towards the end of this semester sounds like a great way to compile the work you’ve done up until that point. Although, don’t worry if when it comes down to it, a 5-minute video is too short a time to effectively showcase everything you wish to. I believe your video could go up to 10 minutes and still be very engaging if you need to extend it to better present your gameplay and findings.

    I like the focus that you’ve put on showcasing your updated schedule. This is something I personally overlooked in my BETA but I believe would be a really effective tool to keep myself in check. However, I would’ve liked to hear more about your updated framework!

    The sources you provided are extremely relevant for your specific topic, and I believe this article would be an interesting and entertaining read for you:


  6. This is a very aesthetically pleasing post where you have presented your ideas and progress in a very clear and logical manner. You have done a great job at meeting the points of the assessment criteria, especially the great depth you have provided for your plan for your analytical framework. I found a great article ( on the connection between nostalgia and games that may be useful for you and the progress of your work. I’m excited to see the end result of your work. My only concern would be is 5 minutes for your final video going to be enough time to go into the full depth and showcase all the work you have put into this DA, but overall a great job 🙂


  7. Hey Georgie! I really enjoyed your beta. It was clear and concise, and your slides were aesthetic and informative, which made for a great presentation. I really interested in and love the idea of your DA, since I used to be obsessed with DS games as a kid, so the idea of nostalgia is definitely relevant.
    I liked how you outlined the problems you’ve encountered along the way, as it shows what you’ve struggled with and how you’ve worked to improve on that, which is something really important in the development of a digital artefact.
    Its impressive that you’ve created a to-do list, a schedule and a Gantt Chart in order to plan what you’ll be doing in the weeks leading up to the final submission. This is great to help keep yourself on track and make yourself accountable for what you have to get done each week! You’ve honestly followed the assessment criteria perfectly in my opinion– If I could offer any criticism it would not to have any slides in your video that say “pause to read” as I got pulled up on that in my pitch, saying that if it should be paused to read it should be in the blog post instead of the video. Other than that, you’ve honestly presented a near perfect beta and you should be really proud of yourself– can’t wait to see the final result!


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